Saved My Career and Future

Mickey and Rob saved both my career and future. I contacted Mr. Robert Capovilla shortly after I was notified that the Army intended to separate me. Mr. Capovilla informed me of the steps the Army would make and helped me get my defense packet together. Thankfully I had them on my case because my Army appointed lawyer from TDS tried to get me investigated by CID. Rob was able to get that TDS attorney kicked off my case and got me a TDS attorney from another post. Rob handled all contact with the military prosecution and let me know everything that the Army was doing behind the scene. The Army set a board date that Rob was not able to make because of another trial, so after a conference between Rob, Mickey and I, we decided not to give the Army more time to prepare, and Mickey took up the case. Mickey came down the day before the board to go over all the evidence, character statements, and my testimony multiple times with me. I went into the separation board with a plan of action, confident and prepared. Mickey destroyed the military prosecutor,and the board found me not guilty. I had 12 years of decorated service in special operations. Rob and Mickey saved my career, retirement and VA benefits. I would not trust another law firm with my future on the line. If you find yourself in trouble with the military, contact Rob and Mickey before you say or do anything.

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