False Accusation, Damage to Reputation

As a leader, I was taught three important things: the importance of truth, justice, and commitment. Being Falsely and Maliciously accused; with the potential of catastrophic consequences to my testimony, character, life and career in the Army. Facing this Goliath, who physically assaulted me, deliberately-falsely accused me; while utilizing their influence to the erosion of due process. I hired Rob, with goals of conducting an independent investigation on the false allegations submitted by my HHC commander. For Rob, to properly and effectively present the evidence and facts to refute the false and malicious accusations made against me. Which Rob did, eloquently.

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Mickey Williams saved my life

To say that Mickey Williams saved my life is more than an understatement. In fact, he not only saved my life multiple times, but also provided me with the framework and motivation to continue moving my life in a positive direction. I was accused of several allegations...

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It was clear that they had the experience

After being threatened with serious charges violating the UCMJ that could lead to a Court Martial and jail time, I decided to seek counsel from his firm. The intense pressure from my command had built up over several weeks, but after contacting Mr. Mickey Williams my...

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The best decision I could have made!

The best decision I could have made! Mickey Williams and his team of highly professional staff undoubtedly worked well beyond my expectations to come up with the very best possible defense. He and his staff prepared several exhibits to include all of my career...

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