Article 120 Separations Board

I am in the United States Air Force, Active Duty. I have served for almost 19 years now. I was falsely accused of inappropriate sexual contact by two women at an event. My Squadron commander offered me NJP under article 120 of the UCMJ and ultimately sent me to a separations board, despite the fact there was no evidence, and only the word of two accusers who were close friends. In the current climate, that’s all he needed. I immediately researched legal counsel and was referred to Mr. Capovilla, lucky for me!! Mr. Capovilla went immediately to work, contacting my command and notifying them that I had retained him, and any issues they had would go through him. If you have ever had legal issues (I had not at that point) then you know the stress of being alone and not being sure of your rights or what to do to protect yourself. He took all of that worry away with one email to my command. Mr. Capovilla was a true professional in every way. He worked with my already appointed ADC instead of just taking over. This allowed me to have peace of mind that the military aspect was covered, even though Mr. Capovilla did NOT need the help and was insanely well versed in all aspects of the UCMJ! To add to the difficulty, I am stationed in Spain, my ADC was in Germany, and Mr. Capovilla is Stateside! This didn’t even make him blink! He took every effort to ensure any money I paid was utilized to the fullest extent. He talked me through the processes and was clear and concise about where every dime went! He represented me throughout the NJP, Separations Board, and after actions. When my “Day in Court” came, I could not believe how good this man is. He was born to be in the court room. Months of research and interviews all paid off. I was retained in the USAF and found NOT to have committed any of the accused crimes! My opinion is that in the current sexual assault climate, even an innocent man such as me could have very well been hung out to dry, just because it was easier than finding the truth. Mr. Capovilla made it clear to everyone, the truth matters and is worth the time, effort, and hard questions! Mr. Capovilla saved my 18 year career and I am forever in his debt. I would recommend this man to anyone, Military or otherwise. Thank you Rob, you are truly fantastic at what you do and one of the best humans I have ever had the privilege of meeting!

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